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Welcome to Chick King in Bury St Edmunds

Welcome to the new website for Chick King the  Home of  Best  Chicken    and Kebab   in Bury St Edmunds  .  Here at  Chick King  we can't wait to serve you some delicious  Chickens and Turkish Kebabs . Our Chick King  menu brings you a wide range of  Chicken  and Turkish kebabs (including  Doner  Kebab , Chicken  Kebab , Kofte Kebab, Shish Kebab and Mixed Kebab)  delivered straight to your door. We deliver your freshly cooked  chickens and kebabs to all parts of  Bury St Edmund  , within  45 minutes . At   Chick King has  the menu to suit all tastes.


We invite you to enjoy our food at home by visiting our takeaway menu and ordering takeaway online. Before you make any orders, we recommend you join our free  Chick King  Gold Club. As a member you can get £2.50 Off Takeaway. We will also reward you with gold club points for every online order or booking you make - which will lead to more savings in the future.


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The  Chick King  Team

Delivering Freshly Cooked  Chickens  and Kebab's to your Door 

The  Home of  Best  Chicken    and Kebab   in   Bury St Edmunds .Here at Chick-King in  Bury St Edmunds we also serve Party Packs for your big night or get-together, as well as Kebabs, Burgers, BBQ Ribs and more.

Whichever way you order we can't wait to serve you,

The Chick King Team


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3pm - 11pm